Web Forwarding Account

If you have a personal web site with your ISP or in other place(i.e. Geocities.com, Tripod.com, Xoom.com, etc...), you can point your new domain name to it without incurring the costs with a web hosting. Your visitors will just type in your new domain name and go to your default web site. This approach will save your visitors from typing a long domain name normally associated with your default web site. It will be better for them to remember you because of the newer, shorter and easier domain name. With an optional URLkeeper feature, they'll never know your original inexpensive web site. For example, if you type in www.dnsfast.com, you will be forwarded to www.fulldns.com and the domain name is still www.dnsfast.com. Of course, if you turn the URLkeeper off, you will see the URL of the real web site.

If you are going to use the Web Forwarding (URL Forwarding), you may need the Email Forwarding as well. If you don't set this up, all emails to your new domain will be rebounded becuase of non-exisiting email recipients.

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